Why Have Traditional NH Mexican Food When There’s Mexican Fusion?

Let’s be honest, Mexican food in NH generally offers the same dishes from one restaurant to the next. Sure, you have your preferred location over another, but why? Is it the atmosphere? Perhaps it is the service? Or, maybe it’s the slight variation in the way the chefs prepare the ‘same’ dish.

Depending on the variation, the influence behind the meal, and how your chef prepares everything, you may be looking at fusion food. At Los Primos, we take great pride in offering our guests Mexican fusion cuisine that they won’t find elsewhere. Not quite sure what all of this fusion stuff is about? Well, mi amigos, read on.


What is it about ‘fusion’ anyway?

Consider your love of food. Now consider the elements of your favorite cuisine that make it your favorite. For example, with NH Mexican food, many people love the authentic spices that are incorporated into each dish. The distinct taste of fresh cilantro in homemade guacamole, the deep tones of cumin, or the spicy addition of chile are all favorites.

Now, consider taking those same flavors that you love and combining them with even more ingredients that get your tastebuds watering. Mind-blowing, we agree. But, that, our friends, is fusion.

As if that wasn’t enough, fusion may also entail a combination of cooking styles from different regions. For example, in Mexico, a single dish is made in many variations depending on the area you visit. The popular enchilada can be found in twenty different varieties throughout Mexico!


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The modernization of NH Mexican food.

While the concept of fusion food is fascinating, one may wonder – why? When a country already offers various versions of one single dish, why take it to the next level? Well, please excuse us for the moment, but why not? It’s like taco pizza. Everyone loves pizza, and everyone loves tacos. So, why not make a taco pizza? Same concept, really.

By combining the regional foods that people love the best, the dining experience is taken to an entirely new level of ‘wow.’ And, believe it or not, this is not a new concept. The idea of food fusion began as far back as the 1970s. Combining ingredients, cooking methods, and regions of some of the world’s most beloved foods has quickly become a favorite technique of some of the most renowned chefs.


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When it comes to Mexican food in NH, why settle for the same old options? Los Primos is the home of the best and hard to find, authentic Mexican fusion food. Making traditional Mexican modern, Enrique Moreno, a top Mexican chef in New England, takes great pride in delivering unforgettable, mouth-watering experiences.

But don’t take our word for it. Stop by and visit Los Primos to experience Mexican food like no other in NH. Located at 3 Amherst Road in Merrimack, NH, we look forward to hosting you soon!