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“In a small town from Manzanillo, Colima Mexico, a young girl begins her experience in the kitchen by helping her paternal grandmother making tortillas, tamales, and fresh cheese from her family’s farm…”

Edith grew up in a traditional Mexican household, making dishes like tortillas, tamales, and fresh cheese all with natural ingredients from her family’s farm. A simple farm girl, but a hard worker at heart. Even though a woman’s place was at home back then, this little girl would love to help her father Victor in the ranch. Being out in the fields had little to no affect on Edith. She always did her part, but worked like a man when it came down to the nitty gritty.

In 1993, at the age of 17, Edith immigrated to California where she lived for 27 years. With nothing but her faith in God, she made it to the Land of Opportunities to achieve her American Dream of a better life.

As a single mother, Edith worked day and night for years to provide for her children and family. For the first five years she worked in an Armenian bakery, but she wasn’t satisfied. In 1998, an opportunity came along to work for a prominent doctor as a care taker for his wife. From there Edith discovered her new passion to become a nurse, and began to work as a private care taker for the elderly for the next 20 years. Her employer Dr. Downs guided Edith and taught her everything he knew to help her succeed economically. He became the most influential role model in her life, and thanks to his advice Edith purchased her first house in 2001. Four years later in 2005 she becomes a legal resident, and in 2015 her dream finally came true as she became a citizen of the United States of America!

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In 2018, Edith made the biggest decision of her life, selling her house to open her own restaurant.

Packing everything up in July 2019 and moving to Nashua, New Hampshire with her family’s support. Not knowing entirely how this was going to start she kept her spirits high. When her lifelong friend and renowned chef Enrique Moreno offers to help her and becomes a partner, Los Primos Mexican Restaurant was born.

Los Primos has a vision to prosper and grow through hard work and dedication. Our goal is to offer delicious authentic Mexican food from our home in Colima, along with other traditional cuisine known from Mexico. Thank you for visiting!

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