Be Part of History When You Search for “Tacos Near Me”

tacos near me

You were just looking for some tasty Mexican eats for Cinco de Mayo, you didn’t think you were participating in history, did you? Well, when you’re digging into a food that’s been around as long as the taco, you can’t help it. Even if it is just a simple search for “tacos near me.” At Los Primos, we are proud to continue the delicious Mexican tradition of the taco, while putting our own fusion twist on it. We think it’s a great way to experience authentic Mexican cuisine that’s just a little bit different.

So while you’re searching for “tacos near me,” here are some fun facts about their history to chew on.


A Sterling History

Although tacos have been around for centuries, even before the Spanish arrived in Mexico, the name most likely came from 18th-century silver miners. Centuries before them, indigenous people of the lake region of the Valley of Mexico ate tacos filled with small fish. What they may have called them, however, is unknown. The word “taco” comes from the way Mexican silver miners wrapped gunpowder in paper. They would roll some gunpowder in paper and then insert it into holes carved in the rock face. They noticed the resemblance in shape to their portable lunches and the name stuck.


The Tortilla Debate

Most people have a tortilla preference when it comes to tacos. Corn tortillas are more traditional and have more flavor, but flour tortillas are less likely to break apart. Before the Spanish arrived in Mexico and started adapting Mexican foods to their tastes, corn was the only tortilla option. Often made with lime juice, corn tortillas add a punch of flavor and texture, but they tend to crumble and break apart. Flour tortillas are not as interesting flavor-wise, but their gluten content makes them better for loading them up with meat, vegetables, cheese, and more.


Migrating to the U.S.

Tacos started to become the food we’re familiar with when Mexican immigrants came to the U.S. in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to work on the railroads. They primarily came to California and Texas, bringing their families, traditions, and food with them. Tacos became popular among the communities of their fellow workers, who added their own ingredients. The taco has been a Mexican-American fusion food for a long time. Cheddar cheese and iceberg lettuce are common taco toppings now, but they are American additions.

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